Engg. Project Management Consultancy

Project Management | Site Management

  • Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Computerized Network Monitoring
  • Project Evaluation and Progress Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Procurement Assistance Services
  • Quality Supervision of Construction
  • Quality Supervision of Construction
  • Assistance in Commissioning
  • Site Inspection Services
  • Budgetary Cost-Control
  • Inspection and Expediting
  • Procurement of Plant & Equipment
  • Monitoring & Control of Project Progress
  • Co-ordination & Liaison
  • Assistance in Statutory Clearances
  • Inspecting & Expediting
  • Compilations of O & M Manual Training for O & M
Site Management
  • Supervision of Construction and Erection
  • Testing and Commissioning Assistance
  • Quality Control Implementation
  • Measurement and Certification
  • Designs & Basic Engineering
  • Power Cycle Optimization Studies
  • Feasibility & Detailed Project Reports
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
  • Energy Conservation Studies
  • Plant & Equipment Layout
  • Construction and Erection Quality Control
  • Progress monitoring & reporting
  • Preparation & Implementation of Contingency / Recovery Plan
  • Identification and Corrective Measures for non-conformities
  • Field Engineering during Construction and Commissioning Co-ordination between Design Office, Client and Contractors
  • Monitoring and certification of field test & trial operation
  • Commissioning & Performance Tests
  • Compiling of As-built documentation
  • Initial Operation of Plant & Equipment
  • Material management at Site
  • Preparation and Implementation of Quality Assurance / Quality control Plan for Site Activities
Pre Engineering Project
  • Site assessment and surveys
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Preliminary planning
  • Evaluation of technologies
  • System studies
Feasibility and detailed project reports Project Management & Co-ordination Project planning, scheduling and control
  • Budgetary and cost control
  • Communication management
  • Interface co-ordination
  • Contract administration
Procurement Assistance
  • Vendor pre qualification
  • Issuing enquiries and receiving offers
  • Commercial bid evaluation
  • Purchase recommendation
  • Purchase order preparation
Detailed Engineering
  • Basic studies/engineering
  • Design calculations and drawings
  • Enquiry specifications
  • Technical bid analysis
  • Vendor drawing review
Inspection and Expediting
  • Vendor appraisal
  • Stage wise inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Expediting deliveries statutory authorities
  • Start-up and commissioning assistance
  • Site performance tests & manual preparation
  • As-built documentation
  • Training of Owner's personnel
Construction Supervision
  • Start-up and commissioning assistance
  • Site performance tests & manual preparation
  • As-built documentation
  • Training of Owner's personnel
  • Trouble shooting
  • Corporate Planning
  • Manpower Planning
  • Market Studies
  • Recruitment and Human Resources Development
  • Financial Assessment
  • Organization & Methods, and Management Information Systems
  • Valuation of Assets
Complicity Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Database Handlings
  • Stress Analysis,
  • WHR, Power Plant & Process Plant Piping, Plant Layouts,
  • Power Plant Optimization,
  • Energy Conservation,
  • Capacity Up gradation
  • Boiler Supply for Power Trouble shooting of Steam Generators
  • Quality checks of Power Plant components and execution of different Research projects
  • Non Destructive Testing like ultrasonic testing, Dye penetrate testing , Magnetic particle testing, thermal imaging and video imaging.
  • RLA (Remaining life studies) studies of Boilers
PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION OF CONSTRUCTION & ERECTION iepc has extensive specialized experience in the field of construction management and project monitoring. Over the years iepc has gained specialized expertise in detailed supervision and planning, monitoring, cost control for execution of projects related to all types of architectural/administrative buildings, industrial plants and infrastructure facilities like road and railway network, bridges, fly-overs, drainage, sewerage and industrial townships etc. The work includes detailed supervision of survey, soil investigation, site leveling, piling, heavy equipment foundations, structural fabrication and erection, equipment erection, power distribution and lighting system, water system like recalculating pump house, treatment plants, cooling towers, yard and shop utility system, refractory work etc, maintaining international quality and safety standards. Contractors provide the first level of supervision while iepc provides second level of supervision on behalf of Customer in order to have the work done by the construction and erection contractors as per drawings, specifications, relevant codes and as per the provisions of the contract, maintaining the required quality and safety standards and adhering to the construction iepc construction supervision personnel are:
  • Qualified in the respective discipline of engineering.
  • Experienced in various types of construction work such as civil, structural steel work, mechanical, electrical work, utility, piping, refractory, instrumentation, automation etc.
  • Conversant with international codes of practice such as BS, DIN, ASTM, ACI, JIS, Egyptian norms etc.
  • Conversant with latest construction techniques and practices.
  • Conversant with latest computer software’s as applicable.
  • Experienced in management of all the activities at site including necessary coordination with design office.
  • Experienced in contract management
  • Experienced in project planning, monitoring and cost control
  • Experienced in maintaining required quality and safety standards.
iepc uses latest software packages to the extent possible in almost all spheres of work for providing integrated project management services. All site offices are equipped with computers, plotters, printers etc. Major activities undertaken for providing Construction Management Services Formulating the Implementation Strategy for the project, identifying the mode of execution, responsibility centers and action points requiring immediate attention for smooth take-off for the project. Conducting field studies for identifying sources for procurement of construction materials, Estimating the phase-wise requirement of construction materials and initiating action for advance procurement of materials by Customer.
  • Assisting Customer in establishing storage yards for Power, cement, steel and other construction materials
  • Identifying location and estimating the area required for construction and fabrication yards and other site
  • facilities like plant site offices, construction laboratory etc.
  • Estimating phase-wise requirement of construction power and water at the site/ construction yards/ fabrication yards and also coordinating the installation of the above facilities.
  • Assisting Customer in pre-qualification of bidders and in organizing pre-bid conferences for short listing of experienced contractors.
  • Preparing tender documents for construction/ erection work
  • Preparing in consultation with Customer, methodology for evaluation of bids.
  • Assisting Customer by taking part in techno-commercial discussions with the bidders.
  • Assisting in preparation of recommendation note, Letter of Intent Work Order for placement of order and preparing contract documents.
  • Planning and advising on construction inputs and evaluation of contractor's basic logic and sequence of construction operations.
  • Detailed day to day supervision of construction work including finalizing work sequence, co-ordination amongst various agencies, checking alignment, location, orientation including interpretation of drawings, specifications, codes of practice and contract documents to the executing agencies.
  • Carrying out design coordination at site and modifying drawings if necessary in consultation with designer Checking adequacy of resources mobilization by contractor (construction equipment/ supervisory personnel/ construction materials etc) and advising corrective actions.
  • Inspecting fabricated steel/ technological structures at fabrication yard before transportation to erection site.
  • Supervising erection work including approval of scheme, checking of location, orientation. alignment and level of equipment/ structure and giving final clearance for welding/ bolting, grouting etc.
  • Supervision of dismantling and re-erection work for second hand equipment.
  • Certifying measurement of work submitted by various contractors and verifying the progressive payments based on physical realization/ accomplishment of job/work. A computerized billing system is established at site for performing the function.
  • Certifying measurement of work submitted by various contractors and verifying the progressive payments based on physical realization/ accomplishment of job/work. A computerized billing system is established at site for performing the function.
  • Assistance in commissioning.
  • Maintaining all documents related to construction work and preparation/ scrutiny of As-built' drawings incorporating deviations/ site modifications.
  • Preparing General Conditions of Contract and Special Conditions of Contract in consultation with Customer.
  • Reviewing fulfillment of contractual obligation by contractors during execution of work. Providing assistance to Customer for accounting/ reconciliation during closing of the contract. Assisting Customer ith acts and figures in drafting of contractual correspondences with other agencies involved.
  • Assisting Customer in settlement of claims, disputes and rates for extra items of work and in interpretation of contract.
  • Advising Customer on deviations from contract specifications and acceptability thereof.
  • Assisting Customer in preparation of necessary documents for closing of construction contracts.
  • Assisting in preparation of recommendation note, Letter of Intent Work Order for placement of order and preparing contract documents.
  • Standardizing and updating the inspection procedures and construction norms and implementation of total quantity assurance programmers.
  • Preparing Quality Assurance Plan ( QAP) and formulating quality check forms for constant vigil of quality.
  • Assessing the requirement, designing and assisting the Customer in procurement of equipment for the construction laboratory, if required to be established at site by the Customer.
  • Witnessing/attending tests, interpreting test results and recommending for acceptance as per the guidelines set forth in technical specification/ code of practice for materials supplied by Customer as well as those procured by contractors, design mix of concrete,
  • approval test for welder's, all non-destructive testing, load test for piles, pressure testing of yard/ utility piping, earthing, continuity testing, no-load testing of equipment/ instrument and any other test as may be necessary.
  • Establishing Safety Protocol and reviewing compliance of Safety Protocol at site by all concerned
  • Advising contractor on maintaining safety standards at site and issuing agency-wise safety performance report at periodic intervals.